European Space Modeling Championship SERBIA 2022

Welcome to Serbia the country of Space Modeling pioneers!

Welcome to Serbia, the country of Space Modeling pioneers!

Throughout history of Space modeling, Serbia has proven itself as a competent continental and world championships organizer.

In the time period between 1972 and today, we have successfully organized three world championships, and two European championships.

1972 World championship

1972 Beograd

1987 World championships

1987 Beograd

2003 European championship

2003 Sremska Mitorvica

2009 European championship

2009 Serbia

2010 World championship

2010 Serbia

The year 2022 marks the special, 50th anniversary of the first World Championship which was held in the city of Vršac, Serbia, when the tradition of holding the FAI first category competitions in space modeling actually began.

With our rich history and tradition in organizing space modeling competitions, it is our pleasure to once again host the European Championship.

2022 European championship

2022 Serbia


Dear participants of the upcoming ESMC 2022 -Zrenjain, Serbia, we would like to inform you that the deadline for sending the final entry form, starts on 20th of May and ends on 15th of June 2022.

You can download the "Final Entry Form" on the link below.

Download Final Entry Form

You can download the "Registration By Classes Form" on the link below.

Download Registration By Classes Form

You can download the "Timeschedule" on the link below.

Download Timeschedule


The results will be announced during the competition. There will be results every day at the end of the competition day.

Results 19.8.2022.

Download Day 1 Results

Results 20.8.2022.

Download Day 2 Results

Seniors Final Score

Download Seniors Final Results

Juniors Final Score

Download Juniors Final Results

Official Seniors Final Score

Download Official Seniors Final Results

Official Juniors Final Score

Download Official Juniors Final Results



General Secretary: Mr. Željko Ovuka


Competition Director: Mr. Dragan Jevtić

Sports Director: Mr. Milan Miličević